IRT Custom Fly Fishing Reels


IRT is excited to introduce it’s patent pending, revolutionary custom fly fishing reel design that is bound to create major waves in the fly fishing industry! IRT’s fly reel provides an anti-reverse mechanism that features a handle side drag system without the mechanical click and pawl system commonly used on “mooching” handle side drag fly reels.

These innovations reduce mechanical failures and make for a fluid, smooth reel action that all fly-fisherman look for in their components. Also included in the fly reel design is the ability to use IRT’s patented power grip technology, and adjustable handle systems.

When using IRT’s patent pending custom fly fishing reels you no longer have to worry about “knuckle busting” handle side drag reels while you are adjusting your drag as the fish takes a run, or worry about the mechanical failures that can occur on spring loaded interlocked anti-reverse systems.

Contact an IRT Sales Designer to learn more about our products, company, and reels — We want to help you catch the fish you’ve already told tales about.


Due to stock and availability, lead times may apply.
Please contact or 877-812-4843 for more information.

Exploded View

Product No. Description Product No. Description
1 Housing 40 Spool inner Sleeve
1FB Foot Base 40B Spool Outer Sleeve
1F Foot 47 Spool
15A Handle Knob 47A Spool Retaining Washer
15S Knob Screw 47D Fiber Drag Washer
15 Handle Crank 47M Metal Drag Washer
20 Ball Bearing 52 Drag Knob
39 Spool Shaft 54 Drag Spring
39A Lock Pins 98B Anti Reverse Clutch
39B Retaining Ball 98S Clutch Sleeve
39P Plunger 100 Housing Screw
39SP Plunger Spring 101 Foot Screw
39S Shaft Screw  
DSC_2238_reduced size Titatium Red - resized Green and Gold IRT Fly Reel



Please contact IRT Reels directly to purchase your reel: 877-812-4843. No orders will be processed currently through our online store. Check back soon!